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What is a Whole-House Surge Protection?

To avoid the frustration and expense that comes with power surges damaging your electrical devices, it is important to consider whole house surge protectors. These devices can effectively safeguard your home’s appliances from power surges originating outside of your home. Whole house surge protection should be a priority for anyone who wants to keep their home and devices safe. 

Power surges can occur at any time and without proper protection, they can cause significant harm to your appliances. By diverting excess voltage to ground, whole house surge protectors provide protection for all electrical devices in your home, preventing damage and saving money on repairs or replacements as a result of power surges. So if you want to know more about whole house surge protectors and how they work, keep reading!

How Does a Whole House Surge Protector Work?

Whole house surge protection is a system that aims to safeguard all electrical appliances and devices in your home from voltage spikes and power surges. It provides extensive protection for all electrical equipment by installing surge protectors at the main electrical panel of your home, while plug-in protectors only offer protection for individual devices plugged into them. 

Essentially, this system works by diverting excess voltage away from your home’s electrical system to prevent damage to your electronics and appliances. Moreover, whole house surge protectors can handle larger surges better than plug-in protectors, providing superior protection against lightning strikes and power outages. They require less maintenance than plug-in protectors and have a longer lifespan as well. With whole house surge protection, you can rest easy knowing that all of your devices are protected from unexpected power surges, making your home a safer place to live.

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Benefits of a Whole House Surge Protector

Beyond safeguarding your electronics and appliances against power surges, whole-house surge protectors offer a myriad of advantages that grant homeowners peace of mind during storms and blackouts. By shielding your home’s electrical system, these devices prevent costly damage to your gadgets and appliances, resulting in considerable savings over time. They also extend the lifespan of these devices, reducing the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

Furthermore, they provide an extra layer of protection against electrical fires. Installing a whole-house surge protector is hassle-free and does not require any additional effort from homeowners. These devices comply with National safety standards, ensuring long-term protection for your home’s electrical system as well as all connected gadgets. Once you’ve deployed a top-notch whole-house surge protector, you can rest easy knowing that your property is shielded from harmful power surges and electrical disturbances.

Professional Installation

It is of utmost importance to have a whole house surge protector professionally installed to ensure its proper placement and connection. Hiring an electrician ensures that the surge protector meets industry standards and adheres to local codes. A crucial element for the surge protector to function effectively is its proper grounding, which professionals can ensure is done correctly.

Attempting a DIY installation can be hazardous, and it may result in invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. Protecting your home from unexpected power surges caused by lightning strikes or utility company issues requires professional installation, and its significance cannot be overstated.

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If you’re concerned about electrical surges damaging your home, Power Pro Electricians can help. We provide professional installation of whole house surge protectors in Portsmouth VA and surrounding areas, ensuring complete protection for your home. Our team of skilled electricians has the expertise to install your surge protector flawlessly and safeguard your household from electrical damage.

To get started, schedule a consultation with our electricians, who will assess your home’s electrical needs and recommend the most suitable surge protector for you. At Power Pro Electricians, we’re committed to delivering top-quality electrical services and exceptional customer service. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your household and electrical devices with a whole house surge protector installed by us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Panel-Mounted Surge Protectors

These are the most common type of whole home surge protectors. They are installed directly into your home’s electrical panel and are designed to protect your entire home from electrical surges.

Outlet-Mounted Surge Protectors

These are similar to traditional plug-in surge protectors, but they are designed to be installed directly into your home’s electrical outlets. They provide protection for devices that are plugged into the outlets.

Service Entrance Surge Protectors

These are installed at the point where your home’s electrical service enters your property. They offer protection for your entire electrical system, including the main breaker panel and all electrical devices in your home.

Standalone Surge Protectors

These are standalone devices that are installed outside of your home’s electrical panel. They are typically installed near your meter and provide protection for your entire electrical system. They are ideal for homes that do not have enough space in the electrical panel to install a panel-mounted surge protector.

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